These craft beer labels were designed with a dual effect for both used. The concept went of the idea of groundhogs day and how a groundhog seeing its shadow or not indicates and early spring or 6 more weeks of winter, hence the name of each flavor of beer.
Imagery of the groundhog and its shadow were illustrated by me, and how the two characters are designed is of them clinking their glasses of beer as friends do when they go out to drink beer. The labels would wrap around the cans and when packaged would have these characters do the same thing with the images of their glasses being next to each other. 
Going with these labels were an ad poster for an event introducing these new flavors and an e-mail blast that would also promote the event and introduction of these flavors. 
A third label using only type was also designed, but ultimately not used as the final design and only was made for the Early Spring flavor.
Spider Bite Beer Co. did not official commission these designs and they were designed for practice.

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